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Fitness tip of the week: Get You in Shape

Article, video submitted by Brad Linder of Get You in Shape


I write because I don’t know what I think, until I read what I say.” ~Flannery O’Connor 

When you think of writing in a journal, do you think of old-fashioned “Dear Diary” entries, where you record boring details of your daily life?

Well, it’s not about that. For some people, journaling can be life-changing. In fact, here are a few reasons you should consider it:

  1. Journaling creates mindfulness.
  2. Journaling helps us to gain perspective.
  3. Journaling can help connect you with your “inner self.”
  4. Journaling can help build self-discipline and, as a result, your self-confidence. ep your word, but also every small achievement is fuel to accomplishing others.
  5. Sometimes you just need to GET IT OUT! Writing can be a great way to do this!

Those are just a few of the benefits, and you’ll likely find out many more yourself.

TIP: Sometimes people will sit down and have no idea what to write about! Start by keeping it simple and light if you want to. No reason to share your whole life story all at once! Even just writing for 5 minutes a day can help add benefit to your life.

One place I really like to start is talking about what I’m grateful for that day. This really helps to start off with a positive perspective. Also- I’m a big fan of putting pen to paper- but if you’re not, there are a few great apps out there to check out.

Check out more great tips from Get You in Shape on its blog.

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