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Robotic Technology Makes Surgery More Minimally Invasive

Article submitted by the Surgical Group of North Texas

We’ve all heard about minimally invasive surgery, right?  Smaller incisions, less bleeding, and faster recovery times are expected with these laparoscopic procedures when compared with traditional open surgery.  Now, minimally invasive surgery has gotten even less invasive by using the assistance of robotic technology.  Surgeons utilize a console to control the instruments allowing them the ability to reach difficult spots in the body with less pushing and pulling of the internal organs.  This typically results in even less bleeding, less pain, and faster recovery times than traditional minimally invasive procedures.



Robotic surgery isn’t right for every patient or procedure.  So, it’s important to choose a surgeon that offers the full spectrum of traditional open, laparoscopic, and robotically-assisted laparoscopic procedures.  Then, you and your surgeon can discuss which technique is right for you.

Surgical Group of North Texas is a general surgery practice with specialists in breast cancer surgery, bariatric surgery, and oncologic surgery.  They are known for their experienced surgeons, quality care, and compassionate relationships with their patients.  They offer minimally invasive techniques such as advanced laparoscopic surgery and robotic surgery and work with their patients to determine which technique is right for them.

The next time you need surgery, be sure you have the choice.





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